Is Taehyung Vaping

This video is getting major flak. Vaping is known to be bad so please consider it seriously before you start if you are thinking of it.

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BTS member Jimin recently posted a video of group member Taehyung where an e-cigarette can be seen laying beside him.

Is taehyung vaping. Its 911 So Taehyung is a bit different we all know how unique he is and his way of communicating is different from the rest too. A couple of times Taehyung has been caught vaping with a Juul device which was a shock to both domestic and international fans. Why do people keep spreading rumors saying Taehyung vapes.

You can see he doesnt vape in public. By BBIIBBII February 3 2019 in Random. Whatever way you dice it Tae has a massive audience of adolescents and theres a reason that tobacco advertising especially when it comes to minors is so highly regulated in many countries.

The image shows Kim Taehyung lying on his back and. Vaping is harmful and it is addictive. Netizens began to spread the rumor some of them were disappointed criticized him for sneakingly smoking tries to stop him and even.

Friendship with SHINees Taemin after recent photos of their meeting circulated the internetPhotos of Jimin playing pool with Taemin were uploaded onlineBu. Hi everyoneSo in todays Magic Tea TalkBTS Kim TaeHyung has been the TALK of the Town because of his latest art pic post. He could ruin his health get in trouble and even mess up his voice.

Hes always curious and observant of his surroundings and if he find a thing interesting or reasonable he will always share it excitedly to the other members. BTS singer V was caught vaping in a video shared by group member Jimin. 26122019 BTS ARMY Divided Over Taehyung Vaping In Jimins Recently Posted Video Details Inside.

He could ruin his health get in trouble and even mess up his voice. So apparently if you look CLO. Firstly yeah Taehyung most likely does vape.

Thats very considerate of him considering fans are generally young and impressionable. He would never vape. Taehyung is also a person who always seek for a deeper meaning of an action.

21032020 He is also known for being very free spirited and open with the fans Taehyung will always tell the truth about his feelings and always do what he likes without worrying about toxic fans. 26122019 Can people please stop acting like Taehyung vape is okay. 17012020 Because of the picture netizens accused Taehyung for vaping a Juul or also known as electric cigarettes.

After calling that number a bunch of his guards will come knocking at your door dressed uniform to take you away so you could marry the KIM TAEHYUNG. He would never vape. PLEASE MAIL ME FOR COPYRIGHT MATTERS AND BUSINESS MATTERS ATMINSANGRAIGMAILCOMFOR PROMOTION USE ONLY – Copyright Disclaimer Under Section 107 of the Copy.

He is a singer and singers need healthy lungs and vaping is slowly damaging his. What do you think ArmyClick 720p for better QualityDo not Reupload on Youtube. 26122019 The said video has already been deleted as soon as fans started commenting about the Juul vaping device on BTS Vs short appearance in the video.

Reupload on the other site is okay but give right Credits to the owner Cred. Why do people keep spreading rumors saying Taehyung vapes. 03022019 Detective ARMYs discover Taehyung potentially vapes.

28052020 Hes a person who enjoy the emotional and social connection to other people.

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