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BEST Live Vocals Compilation Same Song Comparison Singers include BTS EXO etc. Vocal Range C3 C6 2 Octaves 5 notes 1 semitone Supported Range A3Bb3 A4Bb4.

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Production lower register mixed register high.

Kpop vocal analysis exo. Battle kpop highnotes vocalreview vocalrange vocalanalysis belting. This blog is dedicated to compile vocal analyses done by our contributors in order to satisfy everyones curiosity regarding their idols vocal. Yeah people really wouldnt expect this kind of storyline from an exo bside.

From DOs perfect RnB sound to Baekhyuns slightly shrill voice to Chanyeols lower tone to Sehuns Nasallispyness. REACTING to EXO 엑소 LIVE VOCALS HIGH NOTES for the FIRST TIME. Strengths Achievements Second strongest vocalist in Wonder Girls Able to keep consistency in support up to B4s and C5s Balanced and extensive use of mixed voice even as high as A5 Arguably one the better lower ranges amongst k-pop female.

Vocal Range C3 A5 2 octaves and 4 notes Supported Range F3G3 B4C5. But I will talk about the vocal line in general. Buy EXO BAEKHYUN 2nd Mini Album – Delight httpsamznto2WT8InG hereEXO VOCALS ARE BEST IN KPOP INDUSTRY.

Foreword 1 Ailees Vocal Analysis 2 BoAs Vocal Analysis 3 GNAs Vocal Analysis 4 IUs Vocal Analysis 5 Jay Parks Vocal Analysis 6 Chapter 6 7 Younhas Vocal Analysis 8 Changmin – 2AMs Vocal An 9 Chapter 9 10 Junho – 2PMs Vocal Analy 11 JunK – 2PMs Vocal Analy 12 Gayoon – 4Minutes Vocal 13 Jiyoon – 4Minutes Vocal 14 Choa – AOAs Vocal. DO is still a young but yet a very promising vocalist in the k-pop scene. EXO Vocal line facts.

Watch and learn how to sound like EXO as this singing teacher breaks down the vocal styles and techniques. The analysis will be based solely on VOCAL TECHNIQUE not tone timbre emotions stage presence etc. Or kpop bside in general really.

However I honestly dont even care at this point about stating my opi. Uses mixed voice really well. And they all blend well together as a group too thats why they do a lot more harmonies in their songs than other Kpop groups when most of the time.

EXO is one of those few groups who I enjoy every single members vocal tone. Even live especially with EXOs heavy choreography Chen can hold his notes effortlessly. What an analysis.

Yuju — Supported Range – G3 – C5C5 – F5 head voice Pros. A good example is Eunji from Apink who has very nice resonance on her B4s. Videos you watch may be added.

Voice Type Light Lyric Soprano. One of the stronger main vocalists in Kpop. Litc I think you should do more of this.

Among the tenors of EXO his darker tone makes him a more recognizable singer in contrast with Baekhyunâs and Chenâs lighter vocal colors although his neglection of his chest and head registers compared to his mixed voice blocks any kind of further development above the most competent vocalist of EXO Chen. EXOs Chen might be humble and modest but when his talent is on display theres nothing that can stop him. Xiumin could be main vocal in many other groups.

Check out this vocal coach reaction EXO. Ideal types EXO Vocal line is a unit made of 4 members. If playback doesnt begin shortly try restarting your device.

The lead vocalist of EXO K and one of the vocalists of EXO Kyungsoo has become a favorite to many fans due to his tone and agility. Exo exol callmebaby electrickiss smentertainment exol kpop vocalkings aries baekhyun kai suho sehun chanyeol lay kriswu tao luhan xiumin. The main vocalist of EXO M and one of the vocalists of EXO Chen debuted at a skill level higher not only than all of his group members but also higher than most of his peers.

He can belt notes easily and has good higher register. They have singed songs together including Moonlight Lights Out Shes Dreaming What I want for Christmas Stronger. Despite his voice sitting quite high in range it can often by perceived by some that Kyungsoo has a deep voice.

Check out the original video here. Very full support upto the C5 in mixed voice. OG Vocal Coach Tristan Paredes reacts to the video Kpop Idols WORST vs.

KPOP VOCAL KINGS – Honest Reaction. Suho BaekhyunChen DO under SM Entertainment. Kpops Technical Rap Ranking Ranking.

StrengthsAchievements Decent Pitch Consistent support up to A4Bb4 Resonant A4 done with a crescendo Easily switches from Chest voice to falsetto Good Sense of Dynamics At times can bring nice support up to B4 Very smooth legato singing Can produce resonant A4sBb4s at times. Chen is one of the best singers in this industry and like Onew his unique one-of-a-kind voice adds a special quality to his music. Luhan is a vocalist who debuted in EXO group in 2012 by SM Entertainment company currently he left the group and is working as a singer in China.

Answer 1 of 35. While having a naturally high tenor voice and a lot of potential in range Chen is one of these idols who has taken the time to show improvement and a good work ethic throughout his career as a member of EXO. Here comes EXOs lead vocalist.

And the way the song sounds bright but the production and lyrics still convey. Vocal Range D3 C6 2 octaves 5 notes and 1 semitone Supported Range F3F3 B4C5 F3F3 E5 With head voice Voice Type Light Lyric Soprano StrengthsAchievements Able to keep decent Tags. COMPILATIONS OF SOME OF THE BEST VOCALS FROM TH.

He is also rather stable has pretty good vocal support and range. He really showed a great side of his voice with his solo. F3G3 D5Eb5 with head voice Voice Type Light Lyric Soprano.

I am not going to say specifically who the best SINGER is. The analysis might change according to their latest performance. He made his first audition to enter the kpop the company JYP Entertainment when he was in China.

I am a proud ARMY and EXO-L at the same time along with other fandoms even if my bias group is BTS.

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